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Responsible Personnel

The following personnel are required to be listed in the exposure control plan. Please list the following contact information for each responsible party.

Compliance Management

This designated individual or department will conduct regular maintenance, reviews, and updates of the ECP, at least annually and as needed to incorporate new or modified tasks and procedures.

Procurement Management

This designated individual will oversee the procurement and provision of all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), engineering controls (e.g., sharps containers), labels, and red bags as mandated by the standard. Additionally will ensure the availability of adequate supplies of the aforementioned equipment in suitable sizes.

Record Management

This individual will assume responsibility for ensuring that all required medical actions are executed, and pertinent employee health and OSHA records are properly maintained.

Training Management

This individual will be in charge of training, documenting training sessions, and making the written ECP accessible to employees, OSHA, and NIOSH representatives.

Exposure Determination

A detailed list of job classifications or tasks that involve occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
Job title

Engineering Controls and Work Practices

Engineering Control
Engineering controls are implemented to mitigate or minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Your exposure control plan must list these work practices such as Needle Safety Devices, Ventilation, or Barrier Systems.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please list all locations where employees can access personal protective equipment (PPE).
PPE Examples
Please list all types of personal protective equipment (PPE) available to employees.
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